Emcee and the Kit Kat Girls from Cabaret the musical. Alive-O Productions supplied these characters to welcome and entertain the guests of the 2010 O2 Ability Awards which were televised on RTE. Sharon Sexton also sang as Liza Minnelli to open the awards.

Puppeteer and Puppet. These characters were used to promote the Lambert Puppet Theatre’s show in the Powerscourt Centre as part of the SoGo Dublin Arts Festival May Bank Holiday Weekend 2010. The puppet show was a massive success with the Centre packed to the brim.

Wax museum characters. Alive-O Productions supplies various street characters on an daily basis for the National Wax Museum in Foster Place. Characters range from Victorian ladies to town criers. On holidays, they become St. Patricks day leprechauns or Easter bunnies. The National Wax Museum Plus have found a huge return from the street characters offering discount passes.


Handel’s Day Ladies for Temple Bar Cultural Trusts Handel’s Day (April 2010) . Alive-O Productions provided characters for the photo shoot. Images of the Handel’s Day ladies appeared in several newspapers: Irish Times, Metro, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent.

Colin O’ Farrelly’s Tour Of The Temple. Alive-O Productions created a hugely successful show on 8th and 9th July as part of the Temple Bar Cultural Trust’s Summer Sensational Festival. This was a site specific promenade show with quirky characters performing scenes. There were mannequins in Clare Garvey’s window which did robotic break-dancing in Cows Lane, a mock beach wedding in the old Cultivate space, and a live chihuahua got hair extensions in Gillian Edgeworths hair salon! (see footage in Videos)


Exiles on Dame St – Joycean show supported by Dublin City Council and the National Wax Museum on June 26th and 27th at Banardo Square on Dame St. Over a hundred tourists stopped to watch this show over the weekend (see footage in Videos).

Arlington Hotel. Alive-O Productions supplies actors to advertise the Arlington Hotel’s Irish Show Nights. The characters used for this include a ‘country Paddy’ playing a bowran and an Irish dancer (see footage in Videos).

RPA (Railway Procurement Agency). Alive-O Productions organised characters for a photoshoot for the RPA (Luas) to advertise their routes to various summer festivals including the Temple Bar Cultural Trusts’ Summer Sensational Festival.


Alive-O Productions’ Elf characters have become popular for various Christmas events such as the Dockland Christmas Festival and corporate Christmas parties. The elves pictures below were hired to entertain families at the Elf movie screening for Temple Bar Cultural Trust in December 2011.